Inventory software systems now on the market let you track consumption, monitor changes in unit dollar costs, calculate when you need to reorder, and evaluate inventory stages on an item-by-item basis. You can even manage inventory right at the cash register with point of sale – POS software programs. POS software records each and every sale when it takes place your inventory records are always up to date. Significantly better still, you get much more information about the sale than you might gather with a manual program. By running reports primarily based on this information, you can make better options about ordering and retailing.

Features to take into account in a POS system consist of the following:

No Monthly Fees

This software is a self hosted solution and therefore you own your data and pay no monthly fees.

Always in Sync

Point of sale uses the same stock inventory as your online store, therefore online and in-store sales are updated in real time .

No Training Required

This software is very easy.Simply pick the customer who is buying add the items to their basket and take their payments.

Card Terminal

Record payment from cash, external card terminals or other payment methods such as stripe, paypal, braintree.

Power and Versatility

From retail shops to home made bakeries our POS system serves every kind of business out there.

Tendered Cash

Accept cash/ coins with our suggested cash option.Change will be automatically calculated and printed on receipt

Multiple Outlets

Setup and administrate multiple outlet. Manage inventory globally for all these location.

Email Receipt

Customise your email and printed receipts with your policies, logo, contact address and social details.

Discount and Coupons

Offer discount by percentage fixed amount or even apply a coupon for your customers orders.

Custom Products

Create a custom order with custom product items with their custom meta information and set the price to anything you want.

Order Notes

Keep a track of special notes from a customers to manage the operations effectively.Attaching an order note to the order very easy.


Records a customers shipping address and contact details for an order, so you can ship orders at a later date.

Cashier Accounts

Create multiple cashier accounts, each with an assigned outlet so they can get access to their allocated register.

Customers Details

Create your customer accounts and add them to your database of customers. Load existing customers instantly.

Barcode Support

Print barcode for your products to quickly scan into your register. Use any generic barcode scanner to scan them.

Register Reports

View, print and save register reports to see time period, total sales and total cash in the register.

Variable Products

Add variable and simple products to the register easily using tiles or select boxes. Change their meta values with in the register as well.

Load Previous Orders

Save orders and load them at later date to take payments. Useful when customer places orders over the phone and pays in-store.


All taxes is calculated depending on your outlet address. You can set this to be based on your customers shipping or billing address as well.

Decimal Quantity

Accept decimal quantities for your weight based products. Manage stock inventory using decimal values.

Accept Anywhere

Providing you have your internet access to your store,you can accept payment almost anywhere using a tablet or laptop .

Always Getting Better

We are always developing new features and tools as well as enhancing existing feature. Keep your store up to speed with our updates.

Quality Code

We believe in designing to the best standard there is. we always tweak enhance and update your products to satisfy this.

Premium Support

Our Support team will always be able to help you.