System which ensures customer satisfaction

It is also referred as Human Resource Management System. The system is used to provide welfare services to employees in the form of food. The success of the system depends on how quickly the food is being delivered and the hygiene maintenance. The system is responsible to control many canteen units distributed around the globe. The system is eco-friendly as paper is not used and no direct cash transactions take place so security is maintained.


Aim is to have an effective Food hygiene management. Login system for staff members. Guest Management services in different block as a unique guest card to keep track of consumption by guest monthly. DB’s are used to maintain records on the basis of key department. E.g.: Veg items and Non-veg items.  Dashboard is document which solves any doubt or problem regarding mess. Generating reports in the form of tabular and graphical representation. Print out of the key decisions and individual role of the system. PDF file creation so that data cannot be modified. The communication in case of any updating in the document with staff members and regular customers. Admin working is the analysis of performance after a time period like monthly or quarterly. The VIMP, Security implementation so that the appropriate documentation reaches only the respective person or department.


The team of mess management for its smooth functioning is as follows Warden Incharge – Chairman, Warden – Convenor, Mess Secretary (Student) – Member, Mess Manager (Student) – Member. The main aim is to provide hygienic food to students. The chairmen supervise the proceedings of mess functioning and takes action for the better future of the mess. Mess Manager and Mess Secretary prepares list of food items suitable for the students.


The biggest advantage is to check wastage of food items. The finding of right quantity of food to be prepared. Coupons distribution and allotment by software- The recording of items consumption as per usage and record maintenance in CMS.  Information is available online.

The following accounting methods are handled by software. Post-paid facility: A fixed monthly or quarterly amount deducted from employee salary. Pre-paid facility: A card facility in which money is deposited in advance and money is being deducted on the basis of card swapping. Payroll system for debit card facility. Employee identity by punching system and allotment of employee Id. The subsidy provision for employee satisfaction. The canteen items accountability. Daily menu available online. Food items prepared as per needed quantity. Menu selection by a mouse click. The extra facility or items consumption records maintenance. Report generation to find the performance of employees as well as sale of items.


The online technique to manage canteen globally and to provide best services. The systematic handling of services by using modern technology. The team coordination and updating for providing best and quick services. The ordering of items by a button click and eco-friendly dealing as no paper use.  The effective team to ensure proper functioning for customer satisfaction.

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